How Does It Work?

Meet the Buyers is our signature networking event, taking place in a dedicated area inside the main hall, allowing exhibitors to book face to face, 10 minute meetings with buyers from airlines, MROs, OEMs and leasing companies.

Here's how it works...

Who are the buyers?

The buyers are purchasing personnel from from airlines, MROs, OEMs and leasing companies covering a wide range of responsibilities including straightforward purchasing/procurement, supplier management, contract management, aircraft maintenance and planning, logistics, power plant/propulsion, inventory and material planning, quality and general engineering.

How many meetings do I get? 

  • Exhibitors receive between 3 & 10 meeting slots, depending on their booth size. 
  • Meetings are carefully matched so that everyone taking part has an opportunity to have a meeting with a key and relevant contact.
  • Any VIP badge holder (you can have more than one) can utilise their meeting slots, so you can send different personnel to meet with different buyers

How are meetings managed?

To ensure everyone gains maximum value, we have created a matching service that compares the capabilities of the industry suppliers with the needs and requirements of the buyers.

Our custom built, online booking system is used to manage all the meetings:

  • Each exhibitor is sent a unique login ID and given access to the system
  • They can review the list of buyers, see what products and services they are most interested in, carry out research on those potential buyers to see if their fleet/equipment is compatible with their own capabilities and generate a profile outlining their capabilities that is then used as part of our Meeting Matching Service (see below).
  • Approximately two weeks before the show, the system goes ‘live’ for everyone at the same time and you are able to book meetings with the buyers of your choice.
  • There are no special access rights given to sponsors or big exhibitors.
  • Everyone gets to book at the same time on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Meeting slots are released in waves, with 50% available to book in the first wave, 50% in the second wave and then bonus slots released a few days before or at the show.
  • If a buyer cancels, you are sent an automatic message prompting you to log back in and re-use your released meeting slot.

If you are a potential buyer and you would like to find out more about our 'Meet the Buyers', contact:

Gen Richards
+44 (0) 207 017 7621

If you are an exhibitor or supplier and you would like to find out more about our 'Meet the Buyers', contact:

Juliet Trew
+44 (0) 207 017 7175