Kaarle Karp

Logistics Manager
Magnetic MRO


Kaarle Karp is the Head of Logistics & Purchasing at Magnetic MRO.

Kaarle started his professional career in the aviation industry as a check-in/gate agent in 2005 at Tallinn Airport GH. After 3 years he moved to Load Control position where he worked for 5 years. His career with Magnetic MRO started in early 2013 and ever since, it has included a wide range of logistics related positions and corresponding tasks. He worked as a Stock Coordinator managing all warehouse activities; then as a Stock Manager managing transportation and customs activities in addition to warehouse. That is to say, Kaarle is coming from the kitchen of the logistics where he has seen and experienced all details that helped him outgrow and become an industry professional, supported by his educational background in Logistics at Tallinn University of Applied Sciences.

Kaarle has been assigned to the Logistics Manager in 2014, and after 3 years he also became in charge of the Purchasing Team as well. Today he is running a team of 33 people who are responsible for a smooth internal and external supply chain all over the world.

Kaarle has been involved in many IT development projects in Magnetic MRO which has led to major internal developments over the years. He was also one of the ringleaders who initiated the Kuehne Nagel and Enginestands24.com joint project which has improved internal supply chain significantly and upgraded Magnetic MRO’s sub brand to a whole new level.

Kaarle lives and is based in Tallinn, Estonia.


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